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From Wendy and Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips and Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart to Sister Sledge, The Pointer Sisters and contemporary pop/rockers Haim, the natural built-in chemistry and vocal harmonies from sister acts have long been a dynamic staple of pop music. When Trisha & Thara, then age five and three, jumped wildly on their bed at home in St. Charles MO and sang (sometimes screaming) “The Bat Song'' - the first song they ever wrote - for their mom & dad and anyone who could hear, the siblings had no idea that just over a decade later, they’d be bona fide, critically acclaimed indie recording artists on the verge of blazing trails like all these influential sisters before them. 

Now based in and performing extensively in the Boston area, the multi-talented Trisha and Thara launched their recording career in 2020 with their original soulful ballads “You Used To Be” and “Regret,”, which appeared on dozens of influential playlists and been featured on the Women of Substance music podcast, a weekly podcast showcasing the best new music by female indie artists in all genres. 

While keeping their infectious, inviting melodies and thoughtful lyrics and dazzling harmonies front and center, the duo amped up the energy in 2022 from the “slow bop” vibe of those first two singles to create “Too Late Again” - a tasty pop/EDM flavored romp that landed the sisters #2 on the Retail Music charts for many consecutive weeks along with national press.

2023 was all about coming full circle. The duo released a cinematic and dramatic track “Out of the Dark” as a gift to their mother. It shines light on an irreplaceable person which gained over 70,000 streams within a year. 

Trisha & Thara are taking us on another beautiful journey with their new release ‘So Far Away’ - a song about the unbreakable bond between siblings, reminiscing the special moments shared together, and is set to release on April 12th, 2024.

While staying humble and balancing their musical endeavors with public school, Trisha & Thara aren’t following the typical teenage pop singer route of staying in the bedroom and only posting videos on Instagram and TikTok. While working on their social media presence, they’ve kept up a whirlwind schedule that’s given them a passionate local following.

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