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“Too Late Again” opens on velvety piano tones topped by delicious vocals and glowing harmonies. On the chorus, the tune takes on vibrant layers of effervescing synths, imbuing the harmonics with luscious, radiant textures, while a potent rhythm gives the song crisp oomph ... Ebbing and rising on dazzling colors, “Too Late Again” delivers enticing vocals, a captivating rhythm, and washes of scrumptious, shimmering leitmotifs." - CelebMix


"You Used to Be" is their debut single, released last December. Yes, I did say "debut single", you are not dreaming. When you listen to this song, you can't imagine it's their first. It feels like they already have tons of albums behind them, and an incredible experience and professionalism. Trisha & Thara amaze us with their naturalness, their obvious complicity that shines through the song, and the freshness.” - Indie Music Center/UK

“...Pop and melodic sounds frame their lyrics, their harmonies are precise and move in unison: this is proof of their complicity inside and outside the music!" - Your Music Experience

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